Jubilee Family Outreach Center is a loving body of active, committed Christians, passionately in love with Jesus, and dedicated to teaching, training and equipping, men, women and children to boldly proclaim the Good News to all who will hear. Setting at liberty all those who are oppressed of the devil, and bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Pioneer Valley, New England, and the whole world!

We desire that for each and every lamb God has entrusted to our care:

that these lambs love God, with a desire to please Him above all else.

that they think "pray" first as the best solution when confronted with difficult situations, because they know that God does hear and respond to their prayers.

to unashamedly love God, and to be able to express that love in praise and worship to our Lord.

that our young people be comfortable with the Holy Spirit and His presence (manifestations) , because of their personal relationships with Him.

that each of these children be not only intimately aquainted with Jesus and His sacrifice for them, but understand who they are in Christ and their rights and priviledges as joint heirs of the King of the Universe.

that they will not be "second generation Christians" who have only heard stories about what great things God has done, but that they have witnessed and experienced many miracles of God for themselves.

At 365 Youth we are committed to training and equipping young people to be Disciples of the Most High God, and teaching them to be confident in what they believe. We encourage them to relentlessly pursue God so they can boldly share their faith and show the Love of God to eveyone they come in contact within their daily lives.

All the King's Men

Each day, the world bombards men with mixed messages about success, relationships and true happiness. It takes grit to choose to be the kind of men that God calls them to be. We are here to help each man rise up and face the challenges of becoming one of the King's Men.

Daddy's Girls

As a modern, twenty-first century woman, it can be overwhelming trying to be everything to every body. While many roles call out to us, the first and most important identity we have is that of being a daughter of Abba Father. Our Bible studies and fellowships will not only help you develop a deeper walk with the Triune God, but with other women as well.


As pastors, Chuck and I believe in prayer! How could we not? We have seen with our own eyes, so very many things changed through the power of prayer! So many people healed through prayer! Lives changed through prayer! Even bleak circumstances that seemed dire, and inevitable, have been changed miraculously through prayer! We have seen cancers die, blind eyes opened, the lame walk, the deaf hear, broken families reunited and restored, the dead raised to life, all through prayer! How much more can be accomplished through corporate intercession? If one can put a thousand to flight, and two can put ten thousand, how much more can we do, when the people of God arise, with one heart, and one voice, to touch God with our prayers? We believe in prayer, and that is why we pray.

Pastor Chuck and Dee met at a Baptist Church in Tulsa, OK during a Sunday night service. That evening, Dee sang the "special music" and Chuck spoke of his missionary experiences in El Salvador. Happily married for over 41 years, their love for God and New England gave birth to Jubilee Family Outreach Center 31 years ago. They have four fantastic children: Christa (who is married to Greg), Mike (who is married to Naomi), Sean (who is married to Alyssa) and Joyanne (who is married to Nicholas). Ahh, yes, and they have several extraordinary grandchildren.